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What is Z-Fit Personal Training?

Z-Fit Personal Training brings you individual training, customized to your specific goals and fitness level. By pairing Z-health training techniques with CrossFit exercise movements, Z-Fit trainers help to restore natural and correct movement patterns, which instantly results in pain reduction and increases in strength and fluidity of movement.

By addressing the nervous system directly, your body is allowed and even required to immediately respond and improve. Z-Fit’s neural re-education will improve your performance, allowing you to run faster and farther, lift heavier weights for more reps, which will, in turn, speed fat loss as well and muscle gains. Our trainers will teach you to retrain your nervous system in order to control your body and move the way you were meant to move.

As you re-educate and optimize your body’s movement patterns, your Z-Fit trainer will be right there with you every step of the way making sure you implement safe and effective movements at a challenging level you can master. We will keep you motivated with constantly varied functional movements that are designed specifically with you in mind.

Most importantly, everyone can benefit from Z-Fit! Regardless of your fitness level, athletic goals, or health challenges. We work with you individually in order to customize an athletic training regimen that ensures your consistent progress.

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