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At CrossFit Chapel Hill we believe in creating well rounded athletes... and here are all the ways we do it...

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Unlike other gyms that leave you feeling disappointed by your lack of results, our program is the first and only customizable workout designed to target your specific goals while being part of an exciting group atmosphere. The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. Learn more...

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CrossFit Light

The CrossFit Light program is designed so anyone can participate. A comment we often hear at the gym from new folks is, “I don’t think I’m in good enough shape for CrossFit yet.” But that’s why you’re here! There’s no reason to feel intimidated. CrossFit Light workouts are designed such that every athlete can work out together and do so within their own personal capabilities. Learn more...

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Personal Training

Our Personal Trainers are leaders in the fitness and nutrition fields and have dedicated their lives to understanding of the body, nutrition, and are passionate about coaching clients to implement new behaviors in their daily lives. Personal training is a fantastic option for anyone who thrives in a one-on-one environment that lends itself to a high degree of acountability. Learn more...


CFCH Academy

In the CFCH Academy you will learn how to perform the fundamental CrossFit Movements safely and effectively, ensuring a seamless transition into CrossFit. While we won't guarantee that you'll be an expert after your first week... we will guarantee that at the conclusion of the Academy you will step into your first CrossFit class comfortable, confident, and most importantly, safe and ready to succeed. Learn more...



CrossFit Endurance is an endurance sports training program dedicated to improving performance, fitness and endurance sports potential. We inspire, coach, and provide our community with the most aggressive and proven fundamentals of sports science, exercise physiology, nutrition, and athletic training protocols. We currently hold CrossFit Endurance classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7 AM and is included in your CrossFIt Membership. Learn more...

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Barbell Class

The clean, the snatch and the jerk—these movements are like a golf swing or a football spiral: they are complex, challenging and as athletes, we can always do more to perfect them. That's where Barbell Club comes in. You'll get special attention to improve your technique and form while you gain both mobility and stability. And finally, you'll conquer your personal obstructions to lifting more and moving better—all of that will translate to serious gains. Learn more...


Teen Athletic Accelerator

Going from good to great is easy when you have the right tools. After years of talking with coaches around the country the single most important element that will guarantee a teenager's continued athletic success is pure physical athletic ability. The teens that make it to the collegiate level are the ones that are faster, stronger, and more explosive than their peers. The best thing about athleticism... it can be learned and CrossFit is hands-down the best way to do that.

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Performance Class

At some point in your CrossFit career it may cross your mind to enter into one of the many CrossFit competitions in the area. This is an advanced class led by our owner and two-time CrossFit Games competitor Jason Garrard. Here we get to up the intensity and complexity and push your training to the next level. These workout will teach you the things you really need to know at competition time in both an individual and team setting.


Nutrition Counseling

They say your success in fitness in half effort and 80% nutrition. We're not sure about their math on that but we know that nutrition is paramount regardless of your goals. If you are like the rest of the world and have a tough time keeping yourself on track and finding a a healthy way to eat then we can help. With our nutrition counseling program you will have a coach to help you, one-on-one with all of your toughest dietary and nutritional needs.